Reasons Why You Should Not Use Free Online Logo Generators

Free Online Logo Generators

If you want to spruce up your logo, you might need to conduct some experiments with google analytics to determine how effective your logo is.  Once you are fully decided on improving your logo or creating a new one you will need to decide how you will do it and who will help you to accomplish that.

There are options which you can choose from to design your logo. There are both premium and free tools which help you in designing a professional logo for your business. The most crucial thing to not forget is that you need a logo which is professional so that it can portray your business in the best way. In case you are thinking about using a free online logo maker here are reasons as to why you might reconsider that thought.

Lack of original graphics

One of the crucial things when designing a logo is that it should be original. An expert who knows about graphics should create the graphics which you use on your logo. When you choose to use free online logo generators, you will be using graphics which are predesigned, and they lack color and originality.

Little creative fonts

Online preformatted templates are useful because they allow you to design a quick and unique logo. But the problem with free online logo generators is that you don’t have control over features like shapes, fonts, and graphics. Unique fonts are essential for your logo. Creating unique logo fonts with the free logo programs is difficult.

Fewer features

There are fewer features to use with the free online generator as compared to when you could have custom created your logo. You might want to use special effects on your logo such as shadow appearance, bevelled look, and other special layering effects. If you use a free online maker, you won’t be able to access these features.

Lack of consultation from professionals

When you use a free online logo creator, you won’t get the chance to interact with the professional design team when you need to design your logo. Even if you aware of the process of developing a logo you will still need experts in design to help you when you have questions.


As much as its appealing to use free online logo generators since you won’t have to use any money you should also consider other things. Consider whether you will get a variety of features, fonts, and graphics that your logo will need for it to be effective and unique.

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